This is Summer Vacation Week! Making a Menu for One Week


This is Summer Vacation Week! Making a Menu for One Week

We are planning to make 3 dishes there using Hot Cook that we think is especially delicious and easy to make.


8/12 (Mon)Tomato Risotto, Chicken & Nuts with Steam Rice, Aqua Pazza
8/13 (Tue)Hot & Sour Soup with Ramen Noodle
8/14 (Wed)Hand made Pizza & Lettuce Salad
8/15 (The)Simmered Pork and Potatoes
8/16 (Fri)BBQ
8/17 (Sat)Naporitan Pasta
8/18 (Sun)Samgyetang Soup

On-line Order “Food Menu by Amazon Fresh”

Onion6 pcsCod4Butter 350g1Tomato boiled can3 cans
Shimeji mushroom3 pckBacon (pack)1Natto1Slice garlic1 btl
Mushroom1 pckSausage (pack)2Soy milk3Grilled meat sauce1
Boiled bamboo shoot1 pckClam 200g1Milk1Grated cheese1
Eringi mushroom1 pckChicken leg2Tofu2White wine2
White green onion2 pcsChicken wing8Cream cheese2Red wine2
Petit tomato1 pckBeef 300g (for grilled meat)1Raw ramen noodle2Ajipon1
Parsley1 pck  Frozen village potato1Dish washing liquid1
Carrot1 pc      
Shiitake mushroom1 pck      
The total purchase price this week was JPY11,068. It was a little expensive but it is a special occasion due to a summer vacation!