24 Season4 The Villain Marwan’s Planning, Crisis Management, Leadership are Amazing! [Recommended TV Drama for Managers]

Source:IMDb HP

His planning, crisis management skills and leadership are “a must-see” for managers.

In the first half of summer vacation, I watched 24 season 4 after a long time although I had thought I wouldn’t watch it again.

And just to describe it by one word, “the villain Marwan is amazing!”

If you are watching the 24 series for the first time, I am sure everyone enjoys the drama from the viewpoint of CTU Jack, and of course, I do too, but this time I rather watched it from the aspect of the villain side.

If you would watch overseas TV dramas 2 or 3 times, it is recommended to enjoy watching them with this approach.

  • Broadcast year: 2004-2005
  • Season 4 (24 episodes)
  • IMDb category: Action Crime, Drama
  • IMDb rating: 8.3, Max: 9.2 (Last episode)

Source:IMDb HP

I would like to look back on “24 season 4” with the viewpoint of what we learn from Marwan this time.

The villain general commander Marwan always reads one step ahead of CTU. Whenever you chase him, he quickly runs away. CTU is always one step behind by his plan, which is well thought out in advance.

Also, he can switch his thought quickly when faced with unexpected situations, which is amazing! Marwan’s ability to manage a crisis is extremely excellent. And I especially envy of his leadership.

I will not reveal the details of Marwan’s awesomeness by taking into consideration for those who want to see it again from now. However, I have listed some points as follows, which can be utilized in our daily lives.


Point 1: Marwan’s Ingenuity “Advance Well-Planning”

  • Train Plan
  • Secretary of State Plan
  • Nuclear power plant Plan
  • Missile Plan

These plans are very difficult to accomplish and each plan is the big one, but these plans are all set up for their final purpose.

Marwan does not always think every single plan has to be completed perfectly. Even if the achievement rate is not perfect, he considers it OK if his next plan can be followed up.

And as he planned, one plan is followed by his next plan in a straightforward manner. He does not care about the detailed results of individual plans as long as they can be followed up by the next plan.

Point 2: Marwan’s Ingenuity “High Crisis Management”

Crisis management is:

  • Predict a crisis and take precautions to minimize problems.
  • Always keep in mind that there is no “perfect measure” for a crisis.
  • If unforeseen circumstances should occur and urgency is required, make a decision immediately. Correct any mistakes immediately after the decision is made.
  • If unforeseen circumstances should occur and there is some time to spare, incorporate opinions from others as much as possible.
  • Take time while applying short-term measures (measures that are only effective for a short period) and consider taking your next step in the meantime.

Marwan is amazing in this respect!

Point 3: Marwan’s Ingenuity “Leadership”

  • Trust his subordinates, listen to them and protect them.
  • Always be calm, always be stable, and never give up.
  • Try to be a graceful loser himself.

There are many occasions where he communicates with his subordinates. Tremendous centripetal power is shown to move toward their same purpose. Sometimes he is calm and sometimes strict. All for achieving the same goal.

In the end, Jack was holding Marwan’s hand and Marwan used his knife on Jack’s hand. And then. . .

I learned management from Marwan in the “24 season 4”!