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[Hot Cook TOP 30 Recipe Ranking ] especially recommended delicious recipes!
Hot Cook [Stainless Steel VS. Fluorine Coated Inner Pot] Review after 3 months of use!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Beef Tataki (Seared Beef)] Bake at a low temperature of 60 degC
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Stewed Hamburg Steak] Meat is tender and sauce is excellent!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Omelet Rice Sauteed with Demiglace Sauce] Upgrade the taste of the omelet!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Beef Stew] A luxurious dish that will warm your body!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Homemade Demiglace Style Sauce] You can make 3 cans at one time!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Bokkake Jiru] A Simple and Delicious Local Dish from Fukui Prefecture
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Bouillabaisse] A great soup, full of the seafood flavor!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Borscht] The world’s three most exquisite soups!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Tom Yum Kung (Thai soup dish)]The world’s three best soups, spicy and sour!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Carbonara] The key to making is delicious is to stack 4 layers of pasta!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Boiled Broccoli] No stress of boiling water!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Whole Meatloaf Hamburg] It’s plump and tender!


Lake Hamana(-ko): Why has eel culture fishery developed in Lake Hamana?
Fukui: The roots of Fukui City is in Ichijo-dani
Kagoshima: Why Satsuma Clan became the leading role in the Meiji Restoration?
Tottori Sand Dunes: Why is the Dunes by far very popular?
The Kanmon Strait: Difficulties Connecting Shimonoseki and Moji
Kurobe Dam: Why was it built in such an unexplored region?


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How to take care of brown leather shoes [recommended shoe polishing tools]
Easy Shoe Polishing for Beginners: Refresh Your Mind and Shoes with Polishing!
[Renapur Leather Balsam] Easy-to-Use Leather and Faux Leather Care Treatment Cream
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How to Repair Peeled Faux Leather Bag [Easy and 5 min repair]