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Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Pot-au-feu] Warm, delicious soup with lots of vegetables!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Corn soup ] A nostalgic, comforting taste! It’s a great soup!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Paella] Easy and delicious authentic paella!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Yakisoba(fried Soba)] Basic sauce flavor. Tastes better than pan frying! So easy!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Simmered chicken and radish] After 35 minutes plus additional 10 minutes of cooking, the daikon melts in your mouth, and the broth is well infused.
Hot-Cook Recipe [How to Make Simmered Beef Tendon] A soft and flavorful dish!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Pudding] The key is to steam it with the lid on and adjust the finish!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Baked cheesecake] So easy and delicious! No whipped cream is used.
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Shortcake] Making dough with recipes from the popular TV show “Aiba Manabu”
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Fried Rice] Cooking time is 9 minutes, including preparation.
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Shkmeruli(Chkmeruli)] Just a delicious, exquisite dish!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Lu Lo Rice ] The classic Taiwanese food stall bowl!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Ajipon Lu Lo Rice ] Easy-to-make popular Taiwanese dish!
Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Open Omelet] The semi-automatic cooking makes it taste great!


Lake Hamana(-ko): Why has eel culture fishery developed in Lake Hamana?
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Tottori Sand Dunes: Why is the Dunes by far very popular?
The Kanmon Strait: Difficulties Connecting Shimonoseki and Moji
Kurobe Dam: Why was it built in such an unexplored region?


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