Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Pudding] The key is to steam it with the lid on and adjust the finish!


Taste Scoring
★★★★★  Cooking time: 60 min + α, Preparation 15 min + Hot Cook approx. 45 min + Steaming & cooling


In the mouth, it’s smooth and creamy. The sweetness of the caramel is also irresistible. Now we no longer need to buy store-bought pudding! I’m glad it’s so easy to make; one batch makes plenty, so two people can enjoy it for dessert after dinner over the course of three days or so.

It took a lot of research and study before I was satisfied with the result!

After repeated trial and error, I made the pudding seven times in the last three weeks in the Hot-Cook.

They were all delicious, but I was aiming for the taste of “Morozoff” Pudding.

There are two key points to making a delicious pudding in a Hot Cook.

Key Points

1.Cook at low temperature (85 degC) for 45 minutes.

2.Adjust the degree of finish by “steaming” after cooking.

The degree of finish can be divided into three main categories (mild, firm, and super soft).

The amount of steaming time, milk, and eggs will affect the finished product.

FinishSteaming timeMilkEgg
Mild15 min.500ml4 pieces
Hardened30 min.400ml3 pieces
Super soft0 min.500ml4 pieces

My recommendation is a “Mild” finish. This was the closest to Morozoff’s pudding.

Image: Finished pudding

If you do not want the pudding to fall apart, or if you want to turn the pudding over and eat it with the browned edges up, a “Hardened” finish is recommended.

Image: Pudding 400 dining table

For smooth flipping, pour boiling water into a bowl and dip the bottom of the inner pot for 10 to 15 seconds to dissolve the caramel in the bottom of the pot, just to be sure.

The “super soft” pudding crumbled when I transferred it from the Hot-Cook to the bowl. But when you put it in your mouth, it is so soft that it melts in your mouth.

Image: Pudding Super Soft

All puddings were quite delicious, so it may be good to change their softness depending on your mood or taste.

By the way, the same cooking method worked well with either the fluorine-coated inner pot or the stainless steel inner pot.

The pudding did not stick to the bottom of the pot even when made in a stainless steel inner pot.

Also, the sweetness of the pudding can be adjusted by the amount of sugar. The recipe specifies 70 g of sugar, but it can be made with 50 g of sugar if you prefer less sweetness.


Hot Cook is Japanese popular cookware, waterless automatic cooking pot series, made by SHARP. Just put the ingredients in the pot and press the switch to automatically prepare a variety of dishes.

HOT COOK 1.6L size (for 2-4 people), Latest model with a fluorine-coated inner pot  

This article introduces recipes using the Hot Cook, which has become an indispensable part of our home.


Hot Cook Recipe [Pudding] One Point Advice

  • When the finish chimes, adjust the degree of finished softness by “steaming time.”
  • Strain the pudding liquid for a better taste.

Hot Cook Recipe [Pudding] Ingredients: Mild finish


  • Sugar: 5 tablespoons
  • Water: 1 tablespoon
  • Boiling water: 1 tablespoon

◆Pudding liquid

  • Eggs: 4 pieces
  • Milk: 500ml
  • Sugar: 70g
  • Vanilla essence: about 10-25 drops (adjust to taste)

Hot Cook Recipe [Pudding] How to make

Making caramel

First, make the caramel.

STEP 1:Caramel
  • Add 5 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of water to a small heatproof container and microwave at 500W for 2 minutes 30 seconds.
  • When the sugar turns brown, remove it from the microwave. If the color is too light, extend the cooking time, but avoid overcooking the sugar as it will easily turn black.
  • Remove from microwave and add 1 tablespoon of boiling water. At this point, the caramel will come to a boil, so be careful not to burn yourself.

Image: Making caramel

  • Pour the caramel into the Hot-Cook inner pot so that the caramel is as even as possible.

Image: Pouring the caramel into the Hot-cook pot

  • Leave it at room temperature, and the caramel in the bottom of the pot will harden naturally soon.

Make pudding liquid

STEP 2:Milk and sugar
  • Place 70 g of sugar in a heatproof container.
    Then add 400 ml of milk (the remaining 100 ml of milk will be added later).
  • Microwave uncovered in a 600w microwave oven for 2 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Remove and stir with a spoon to dissolve the sugar in the bottom.
  • Finally, add the remaining 100 ml of milk to lower the temperature.

Image: milk and sugar

STEP 3:Beat the eggs.
  • Crack the eggs into a bowl.
  • Beat the eggs with a mixer.

Image: beaten egg

STEP 4:Mix the egg and milk
  • Add the milk to the beaten egg mixture.
  • Next, add the vanilla essence and mix them well.
  • Strain the pudding liquid.
  • The pudding liquid is now ready.

Image: Making the pudding liquid

Pour into the Hot-Cook inner pot

STEP 5:Pour into the Hot-Cook inner pot
  • Slowly pour the pudding liquid into the Hot-Cook inner pot with the caramel using a ladle.
  • Set the inner pot in the Hot-Cook.

Image: Inside the pot before cooking pudding

STEP 6:Start♪

Make manually => Fermentation and low temperature cooking => Set temperature “85 degC” =>

Set cooking time to “45 minutes” => Start

pudding operation screen


 Image: Pudding operation screen

Steam to desired finish

When the chime for the finished product rings, leave the pudding steaming without opening the lid to achieve the desired softness.

Image: Steaming the pudding

If you like the pudding super soft, you do not need to steam it.

FinishMildHardenedSuper soft
Steaming time15分 min.30 min.0 min.

Remove from heat and “chill” in the refrigerator

STEP 7:Chill in the refrigerator
  • Remove the inner pot from the Hot-Cook and remove it from heat.

Image: Removing heat from the pudding

  • After about 30 minutes, when the pot is no longer hot to the touch, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.
  • Refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours.

Image: Chill in refrigerator

Remove from Hot-Cook inner pot to finish

STEP 8:Complete!

Remove from the refrigerator and shake the pot from side to side until the pudding moves.
Transfer the pudding to a deep serving bowl.

Image: Finished pudding

When flipping the pudding

You can turn it over successfully if you set the finish to “Hardened.”

If the pudding does not move when you remove it from the refrigerator and shake the pan from side to side, pour boiling water into a bowl and dip the bottom of the Hot-Cook inner pot in the bowl for 10-15 seconds to melt the caramel and make the pudding move.

FYI: To flip the pudding
  • Fill a bowl with boiling water.
  • Dip the bottom of the Hot-Cook inner pot in the bowl with boiling water for 10-15 seconds.
  • Tilt the inner pot slightly and remove the caramel sauce to a separate bowl.
  • Slide the pudding off the pot onto a large plate.
  • Place a plate on top of the pudding about the height of the pudding.
  • Turn the pudding over to finish.

Image: How to flip the pudding over

It’s excellent, so please give it a try!

 Useful notes


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