[Hot Cook] Home Party Using a Hot Cook was a Big Success!


Yesterday, we brought our Hot Cook and food ingredients to the home of my parents and enjoyed a home party.

We were surprised again how amazing Hot Cook was. I’m glad my parents were happy with the delicious food we prepared for them.


Hot Cook Home Party: Point 1 “Very Easy”

During the home party, we cooked 3 dishes in which we were sure they were delicious when prepared with Hot Cook.

Cooking time for all three dishes is only 20 minutes each and we made the dishes in the following order:

  • Chicken & Nuts with Steam Rice 
  • Aqua Pazza 
  • Tomato Risotto 

Apart from these three main items, we brought handmade bread and cream cheese.

Great thing about Hot Cook is that you just have to cut the ingredients in advance, prepare the seasonings, put them into the Hot Cook inner pan, and just press the start button.

We can enjoy tasty dishes with very short cooking time.

Hot Cook Home Party: Point 2 “Interval Time”

Hot Cook was set up on the table as shown below.

hese respective three dishes requires a cooking time of 20 minutes. So while enjoying the first dish “Chicken and Nuts” with snacks such as cheese, etc. with wine and beer, the Hot Cook on the table 2 next to you are making next dish.

When we go to a Chinese restaurant or a French restaurant, there is an “interval period” until the next dish is brought in, and we were able to have the same feeling of interval between one dish and next at our home party.

Hot Cook Home Party: Point 3 “Easy to Cleanup”

Even if you are too full to move, cleanup of various cooking utensils and used plates are waiting for you at the end of a party.

But at our party using Hot Cook, we did not have to cleanup almost no plates after the party.

Because when 2 or 3 dishes are made, the Hot Cook inner pot are washed after the first dish and the ingredients of the second dish are put into the pot. We can utilize a few minutes between the dishes to wash the used plates.

With this party, we used a small soup plate for Aqua Pazza, which is the second dish, because you can get the delicious soup (sauce) from the white fish and the clams. Since we ate all of the soup with bread, the third dish of Tomato Risotto was served on the same soup plate.

As a result, there were only 4 soup plates and chopsticks, spoons and glasses that needed to be cleaned up after the party.

Wrap Up

What I noticed at the first home party using Hot Cook are following 3 points:

  • You can enjoy freshly-prepared dishes with moderate intervals.
  • You only need short period of time for preparation and cleanup .
  • You can have the same feeling as dining out.

Improvement for next party is;

  • When choosing a dish, consider “which tableware to use” in advance and perform total party time management including cleanup.

Thank you !!!