Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Tom Yum Kung (Thai soup dish)]The world’s three best soups, spicy and sour!


Taste Scoring
★★★★☆  Cooking time: 30 minutes, Preparation: 10 minutes + Hot Cook: 20 minutes


It is made using commercially available Tom Yum Kung soup paste. It’s easy and can be cooked in a very short time, and the classic Thai soup is ready to eat! The ingredients are simple, just shrimp and mushrooms. It’s pretty spicy at first, but if you dip some white rice in it, you can enjoy the deep and complex spice flavor of the lemongrass and seafood paste!

Tom Yum Kung soup is one of the world’s top three soups.

The green curry I made last week was delicious, so this time I made Tom Yum Kung soup in the Hot Cook.

If you like ethnic food and spicy food, this is a delicious dish that I highly recommend.

My wife lived in Thailand for five years when she was in elementary school, so she gets excited when Thai food appears on the table.

Tom Yum Kung soup is quite spicy, but I was told that if you add white rice to the soup, the spiciness will soften a little, and you can enjoy the taste of the spices used in the soup more.

Please give it a try!


Hot Cook is Japanese popular cookware, waterless automatic cooking pot series, made by SHARP. Just put the ingredients in the pot and press the switch to automatically prepare a variety of dishes.

HOT COOK 1.6L size (for 2-4 people), Latest model with a fluorine-coated inner pot  

This article introduces recipes using the Hot Cook, which has become an indispensable part of our home.


Hot Cook Recipe [Tom Yum Kung] One Point Advice

  • You can use any Tom Yum Kung paste on the market, but make sure to add it to the Hot Cook pot according to the amount of water on the package.トムヤムクンペースト
  • This time, we used one 30g bag of Lobo’s Tom Yum Kung Paste (for 4 people). The package says to use 480ml of water, so I used that amount of water.

Hot Cook Recipe [Tom Yum Kung] Ingredients: 4 people

  • Mushrooms, cut in half lengthwise: about 100g
  • Shrimps, remove the shells and back: 12 pieces
  • Tom Yum Kung paste: for 4 people
  • Water: adjust the amount of water as indicated on the package of Tom Yum Kung paste

Hot Cook Recipe [Tom Yum Kung] How to make

STEP 1:Prepare ingredients
  • Cut the mushrooms in half lengthwise.Image: Mushrooms cut in half


  • Remove the shell and back of the shrimp.We don’t put the shrimp in the Hot Cook pot from the beginning because the shrimp would become hard. Therefore, you can save time by starting to peel and remove the back of the shrimp after pressing the start button of the Hot Cook.

Image: Shrimp with shells and back removed

STEP 2:Put all ingredients in the Hot Cook inner pot
  • Put the mushrooms and Tom Yum Kung paste in the Hot Cook.
  • Add water.

Image: Inside the pot before cooking Tom Yum Kung

STEP 3:Press the cook menu button

Select a menu => Search by category => Soup => Tom Yum Kung => Start cooking => Start

operation screen


Image Tom Yum Kung Hot Cook Operation Screen

STEP 4:Add shrimp with 3 minutes remaining

You can hear a chime from Hot Cook when the remaining cooking time is three minutes. Then open the lid and add the shrimp, being careful not to burn yourself.

Image Tom Yum Kung Hot Cook Operation Screen 2
Close the lid and press the start button again.

STEP 5:Complete!

When you hear the finishing chime, open the lid and serve it in a bowl.

Image Tom Yum Kung Table

You can add more fish sauce (nam pla) or a squeeze of lime to taste.

By the way, there are four of the three major soups in the world.

There are many theories, but it seems that the world has not yet decided on three.

– Shark fin soup in China
– Bouillabaisse in France
– Borscht in Ukraine
– Tom Yum Kung in Thailand

Next time I’m going to try making Borscht and Bouillabaisse in my Hot Cook!

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HOTCOOK 1.6L size (for 2-4 people), Latest model with a fluorine-coated inner pot  

HOTCOOK 2.4L size (for 2-6 people), Latest model with a fluorine-coated inner pot