Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Carbonara] The key to making is delicious is to stack 4 layers of pasta!


Taste Scoring
★★★★★ Cooking time: 28 minutes, Preparation: 3 minutes + Hot Cook: 20 minutes + Extended heating: 5 minutes


This recipe is a big hit! A creamy, delicious dish! You can easily make a delicious carbonara without boiling the pasta separately. The key is to fold the pasta in half and put it in four layers in a grid pattern. This avoids the risk of the pasta sticking together and clumping! Thick-cut bacon goes well with this dish, and I enjoyed a glass of wine with the dish!

My endeavor to determine the right way to boil pasta with Hot Cook has finally paid off!

I used two bundles of hard pasta, totaling 200 grams. I recommend using 1.6 mm pasta, boiled for 7 minutes.

The best way to make it tasty is to fold the pasta in half and put it in four layers in a grid pattern.

1) First, hold a bunch of pasta (100g) in both hands and fold it in half.
2) Place the pasta in your right hand in the inner pot vertically so that there is a little space between the pasta.
3) Next, place the pasta in your left hand in a horizontal grid pattern, making sure that there is a little space between each pasta as well.

image add the second bunch of pasta

4) Next, hold the second bunch of pasta (another 100g) in both hands and fold it in half.
5) In the same way, place the pasta in your right hand vertically and the pasta in your left hand over the pasta horizontally.

image stack 5 layers of pasta in a grid pattern

Place the pasta facing the same direction without overlapping, and lay them flat as much as possible.

If the pasta facing the same direction overlaps, break up the pasta into 5 or 6 more layers.

Please give it a try!


Hot Cook is Japanese popular cookware, waterless automatic cooking pot series, made by SHARP. Just put the ingredients in the pot and press the switch to automatically prepare a variety of dishes.

HOT COOK 1.6L size (for 2-4 people), Latest model with a fluorine-coated inner pot  

This article introduces recipes using the Hot Cook, which has become an indispensable part of our home.


Hot Cook Recipe [Carbonara] One Point Advice

  • Place the onions and bacon as evenly and flatly as possible over the entire pot so that the pasta that is to be added later will not roll to the edge of the pot and form a lump.
  • When pouring milk and water into the pot, pour it in slowly and gently from the top, ensuring that the pasta doesn’t flow to the side and form a big clump.
  • Before cooking, remove the eggs from the refrigerator and let them come to room temperature. Image Letting the eggs come to room temperature

Hot Cook Recipe [Carbonara] Ingredients: 2 people

– Ingredients

  • Spaghetti: 200g (I used 1.6mm, 7-minute boil type)
  • Onion, slice into thin strips: 1/2 pieces (100g)
  • Bacon, thickly sliced: 50-80g (more is recommended)
  • Garlic, finely chopped: a clove
  • Milk: 200ml
  • Water: 200ml
  • Pepper: to taste (more is better)
  • Salt: about 4.5g (use about 780g x 0.6% of the weight of all ingredients and water)

– Making the egg sauce

  • Eggs: 2 (let them come to room temperature beforehand)
  • Parmesan cheese: 4 tablespoons
  • Olive oil: 1 teaspoon (as you like)

Hot Cook Recipe [Carbonara] How to make

STEP 1:Prepare ingredients
  • Cut the onion and garlic.
  • Prepare the bacon.

Image thickly sliced bacon

STEP 2:Put all ingredients in the Hot Cook inner pot
  • First, place the onion, garlic, and bacon in the inner pot spread it out to be as flat as possible, and sprinkle with pepper.

Image Add onions, garlic, bacon, and pepper

  • Next, fold the pasta in half, lay it out in a grid pattern in 4-6 layers, and add salt.

Image 4.5g salt

  • Lastly, slowly pour in the milk and water.

Image Inside the pan before cooking carbonara

STEP 3:Press the cook menu button

Carbonara can be made with the Hot Cook’s “Neapolitan-style Pasta” menu.


Select a menu => Search by category => Noodles => Neapolitan-style pasta => Start cooking => Start


operation screen


Carbonara Operation Screen

STEP 4:Prepare the sauce

While the Hot Cook is cooking for you, prepare the egg sauce.

Crack an egg into a bowl and beat it into a beaten egg. Add Parmesan cheese and olive oil and mix them well.

Image Carbonara with beaten eggs and Parmesan cheese

STEP 5:Extend heating for 5 minutes

When you hear the finishing chime, open the lid, stir the whole thing with tongs, and then close the lid again for “5 minutes” to extend heating.


Image: Heating extended for 5 minutes

STEP 6:Complete!

When you hear the finishing chime, open the lid and add the “egg sauce” that you have mixed in a bowl to the Hot Cook inner pot.

Image Add the sauce


Mix the entire mixture with tongs.

Image Finish mixing with tongs


Serve on a plate to complete the dish.

Image Carbonara Table

It was so good that we ate the dish in a matter of minutes!

If you like cheese, you may want to try different kinds of cheese.

This is a delicious dish that goes well with both white and red wine!

Try different heating extension times to create the flavor you like!

In our house, 5 minutes of extended cooking time was just right for 2 servings (200g pasta).

However, when it is cooked, and if the pasta is close to your desired consistency before extending the heat, you may not need to add the heating process.

In that case, there will probably still be some water left in the pasta, so if you let it sit for a minute before mixing it with the sauce, the residual heat will make it just right and delicious.

HOTCOOK 1.6L size (for 2-4 people), Latest model with a fluorine-coated inner pot  

HOTCOOK 2.4L size (for 2-6 people), Latest model with a fluorine-coated inner pot