Hot Cook Recipe [How to Make Stewed Hamburg Steak] Meat is tender and sauce is excellent!


Taste Scoring
★★★★★  Cooking time: 60 minutes, Preparation: 20 minutes + Hot Cook: 40 minutes


I have learned that Hamburg Steaks taste better when they are simmered! I was afraid that stewing would make the meat hard, but the Hot Cook automatically simmers the meat on low heat, so the meat is tender, and the sauce is excellent! You can easily enjoy the restaurant-like taste at home.

I used the leftover demiglace sauce that I made in the Hot Cook and froze and cooked the sauce with the hamburg steak for 40 minutes.

I was amazed at how good it tasted!

I cooked the Stewed Hamburg Steak in two ways: one with the surface lightly cooked in a frying pan before simmering in the Hot Cook, and the other is without cooking in the pan.

As a result, both Hamburg Steaks were delicious, so I recommend cooking half of the hamburg steak in a frying pan and putting it in the inner pot, putting the other half in the inner pot without cooking, and simmering it together.

This is a candidate for the next Top 10 ranking of delicious recipes made with our Hot Cook.


Hot Cook is Japanese popular cookware, waterless automatic cooking pot series, made by SHARP. Just put the ingredients in the pot and press the switch to automatically prepare a variety of dishes.

HOT COOK 1.6L size (for 2-4 people), Latest model with a fluorine-coated inner pot  

This article introduces recipes using the Hot Cook, which has become an indispensable part of our home.


Hot Cook Recipe [Stewed Hamburg Steak] One Point Advice

  • If you brown the hamburg steak on both sides in a pan before putting it in the Hot Cook inner pot, it will lock in the Meat flavor inside.
  • You can also put the Hamburg Steak in the Hot Cook inner pot without browning it, and the umami flavor will seep into the sauce, making it even more delicious. Of course, the Meat will also be tender and delicious.

Hot Cook Recipe [Stewed Hamburg Steak] Ingredients: 2 to 4 people

– Hamburg Steak

  • Ground beef: about 300g (I used 50% beef and 50% pork)
  • Onion, finely chopped: 1/2 piece (100g)
  • Bread crumbs: about 1/2 cup (You can use regular bread crumbs)
  • Milk: 1 tablespoon (You don’t need to add milk if you do not have)
  • Egg: 1 piece
  • Pepper: a little
  • Salt: 2g
  • Olive oil: 1 tablespoon

– Stewed sauce

  • Demiglace sauce: about 300g (1 can of a canned demiglace sauce)
  • Carrot, cut into pieces: 1 piece
  • Red wine: 100ml
  • Bay leaf: 1 leaf
  • Salt: 4g

Hot Cook Recipe [Stewed Hamburg Steak] How to make

STEP 1:Prepare ingredients
  • Make the ground meat in a food processor. If you are using commercially available ground meat, use it as is.

Image Ground meat


  • Finely chop the onions.
  • Put the ground meat, onion, breadcrumbs, milk, egg, pepper, and salt into a bowl and mix well with your hands.
  • Make a hamburg steak of your desired size.
  • Cut up the carrots.
  • Add olive oil to a frying pan and lightly brown the hamburg steak on both sides.
STEP 2:Put all ingredients in the Hot Cook inner pot
  • First, add the demiglace sauce.
  • Next, add the hamburg steak and fill in the gaps between the carrots and meat.
  • Finally, add the red wine, bay leaf, and salt.

Image: Inside the pot before cooking the Stewed hamburg steak

STEP 3:Press the cook menu button

Make manually => Make stew => Do not Mix => Set cooking time to “40 minutes” => Start

operation screen


Image operation screen of Stewed hamburg Steak

STEP 4:Complete!

When you hear the finishing chime, open the lid, and place it on a plate to serve.


The demiglace sauce made with the Hot Cook is delicious and very convenient.

It can be frozen, so you can divide it into three equal portions and enjoy three different dishes.

This time, I made a Beef Stew, an Omelet, and a Stewed Hamburg Steak.

They were all very tasty!

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HOTCOOK 1.6L size (for 2-4 people), Latest model with a fluorine-coated inner pot  

HOTCOOK 2.4L size (for 2-6 people), Latest model with a fluorine-coated inner pot